How we do it at Lakesidefcu?

At Lakesidefcu, four principal steps are sufficient for you to have the cash you need in your record at the earliest opportunity! Perceive how we work and what is our procedure:

Receipt of the solicitation. We get the solicitation with your information. There we see the essentials, the cash you need and the arrival time frame you like.

We complete the comprehensive investigation. Second, we continue to examine your particular case. We audit your information and see that you meet the necessities we demand. Keep in mind: that you are somewhere in the range of 18 and 65 years of age, have a cell phone and that you have a salary.

Granting of credit without finance. After the examination, we offer you a response. Unquestionably you have affirmed!

Disbursement of the affirmed sum. Lastly, we complete all the fitting methodology with the bank office and we dispense you the cash in the record that you have shown to us.

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