The economic difficulties are never lacking and many times we need fast money before the payment of our salary. These loans can be much more feasible than a loan based on mortgages, especially when we talk about terms of speed.

Don’t worry about your monthly assets 


Personal payday loans can be given without relying on the assets you have or how much money you manage per month. If you want to have a secure Personal payday loan in your hands, you can follow these tips that can be very useful for you when making emergency payments.

Tips for requesting your Personal payday loans

Tips for requesting your personal loans

Personal payday loans do not have guarantees, quite the opposite of what happens with banks. If you choose to make this request with a lender, it will be based on the credit score, that is, your credit history will determine the interest rates and these can be higher than the guaranteed loans. It is recommended that these loans be requested for immediate payments. Having said that, what should you do:

  • Lenders with quick approval , they can offer you better interest rates and fees although they could take a couple of days. In addition, it charges its fees.
  • If you choose to apply for the loan to a relative or friend , there are ways to do things correctly that take care of the relationship. If you are a responsible person, do not hesitate to sign a promissory note, be sure to make clear the reference to interest rates, if you want them.
  • The credit card can satisfy that lack of cash , these advances can be easy to request. Take the credit card to the bank or the cashier, and the amount is charged to your card, in addition, you must pay the respective rate but accumulate each month, until you pay the debt.
  • Guaranteed loans , here does not qualify anyone, since you need to have an asset in your possession that serves as collateral. By means of the fear that you lose the assets that you place as collateral to the entity that requests the loan, it looks for the debt to be settled in one way or another. The guaranteed loan is not immediate.

The quick loans that you should avoid are three

quick loans

Loans on the day of payment, these are the ones that are insured with a check that is charged as soon as they pay us the salary, which are with an advanced rate, in this case even if they say they do not look your history has hidden rates and loans based on furniture or vehicle title you can lose your assets and are short term with high rates. We all have bad moments, but be wise and logical so you do not regret it later and have a remedy that is worse than the disease.

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