Credit for individuals, loans without collateral in the bank

From time to time, each of us needs to borrow money (to take out a loan) or vice versa, to defer – to accumulate a sum of money (to open a deposit in a bank). Experienced clients trust both these and other events only to popular, reputable, highly rated banks. Of course, if a financial company has been operating successfully for 25 years, its competence and professionalism are not in doubt. for clarification

Good Finance, founded in 1992 in Tartu, has become such a reliable financial lever for many Latvian residents. Since then, the services of this group have been successfully used by at least 8 countries. Currently, Good Finance operates in developed USDopean countries (including Sweden and Germany) and is one of the most modern financial institutions.

Contrary to popular specialized banking institutes

Contrary to popular specialized banking institutes

Good Finance offers the possibility of using any kind of cash assistance, and the first condition of cooperation for the company is genuine customer service openness.

As of January 1, 2016, according to economic indicators, Good Finance has conquered the financial markets of 9 USD opean countries, has 433 people and has a customer base of 172500 people. The assets to date were USD 353 million.

In spite of its impressive figures – Good Finance’s success rate, the company supports the development and strengthening of Latvian culture in various ways: it organizes events that allow to become aware of traditions, including organizing sports competitions in the national spirit. But the bank’s most open step has been its public education efforts: raising awareness of animal liability among its citizens.

Simplicity and accessibility of Good Finance services


It’s hard to believe, but anyone in Latvia can apply for a Good Finance credit at the nearest post office, but you will first need to send an online loan application and wait for a response within 24 hours . It’s a basic idea of ​​what a loan repayment will look like:

The page has a credit calculator that shows you the expected monthly payment as a result of the calculation, depending on the parameters you enter. To calculate this, you only need to specify the loan amount and repayment term (0.5-5 years). If you are satisfied with the amount of payment, click on the “submit application” button below the table and move on to fill it out.

Along with the numbers, the customer is provided with a detailed description of all costs and an effective interest rate calculation mechanism, which is the real cost of using the money with all the extra costs. However, all of these estimates can be called “approximate” because the specific% will be determined only after the borrower has provided information on his / her income and Good Finance will check its credit history and reliability.

It’s not hard to imagine that the most popular Good Finance products are its credit programs, and there are 7 categories of credit programs:

Good Finance Standard Credit


To qualify for such a regular consumer credit, the borrower must be at least 20 years old and have a monthly income after tax of € 270. The page also states the additional conditions immediately: A credit of € 7000 will only be granted against a guarantee. 5% of the loan amount will be deducted from the processing of any loan and 2.5% will be charged every month for administration. And yet, the standard starting loan rate – 40% per annum.

Car loan

This offer differs with a higher level of loyalty: 1 – no down payment; 2 – from 8.9% per year; 3 – loan amount – up to 15 000 €; 4 – CASCO registration is not a condition for receiving money; 5 – The machine immediately becomes the property of the borrower. In addition, it can cost you at least 5% of the loan, but not less than 100 €. It is also allowed to return the money ahead of time by increasing the monthly payment amount.

Big Event Credit

The interest rate for this loan can range from 8.9% to 18.9% per annum. This type of loan is designed for any major event : repairs, opening a business, pursuing a secret dream, or achieving a goal that can no longer be expected. Additional credit terms include a minimum income of € 500 and no other financial obligations. The financial side of the borrower must be positive.