How to reduce your debt loan ratio?

Once your real estate project is completed, the next step is to find a financing solution. One of the key criteria for setting up a loan application file concerns the debt ratio. Namely the relationship between the monthly loan payments and the total income of the borrower. Return on the tacit theoretical limit of 33%

What loan solutions for modest households?

You want to become an owner, but you have modest resources. There are credit solutions, to support the purchase of your main home. Like the loan agreement and the loan for social accession (PAS) . Features that can be supplemented by regulated loans at very attractive rates. Presentation of all these aids. What are called

Mortgage Loan: What is Mortgage Bonds?

When it decides to accept or refuse a request for financing, the bank is based on several specific criteria. In addition to the debt ratio, which appears to be a clear indicator of the investor’s ability to repay monthly payments, the credit institution is systematically interested in the borrower’s guarantees , which must be strong

Can you buy or loan your first home?

Currently a tenant, you are wondering about the possibility of making your first real estate purchase: do you have sufficient financial capacities to consider it serenely? What would be the monthly payments to honor? Ask for the help of a free broker, to help you assess your financial situation and define your life plan .

Guide to Personal Payday Loans

The economic difficulties are never lacking and many times we need fast money before the payment of our salary. These loans can be much more feasible than a loan based on mortgages, especially when we talk about terms of speed. Don’t worry about your monthly assets  Personal payday loans can be given without relying on